Solar Eclipse


Encompassed within the gravitational force of your love,
I spin in circles.
Or is it you
shyly spinning around me?

Who is acting on who?
Are we equally subject to a force beyond us,

When darkness stretches across the horizon,
you shed light upon earth.
We share the spectacle of each other’s contours,
peaks and trenches.

Under the fullness of your explosive luminosity,
I am blinded to an unfathomable number of stars.
Their distant calls from the abyss, muted in your competitive glow.
In presence of your light,
I cannot face your dark side, which cannot face me.

Over days, your presence wanes,
your darkness grows.
Days become apprehensive,
out of fear that you will not return,
of the loneliness under an abysmal horizon.

Abandoned, I try to forget you,
but your rhythm haunts my harbors,
fingers combing through still sand shores.
Love’s tides roll in on the tempest,
it’s ebbs and flows erode my being.

You think you have left,
but you merely lurk behind the clouds
on a mischievous trajectory
to intrude into my daylight.

Neither simply light nor emptiness,
you are a stain in the sky.
An inversion of sunlight,
a vindictive hole
that has colonized what light I had left.

What is left of me?
a delicate sandstone arch,
hollowed out by the forces of love,
standing hold of the earth
under the light reflection of your iron indifference.

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